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These are the treatments we can offer you

Empastes Alicante

Dental restoration

Promotion! Incredible prices in dental fillings!

endodoncia Alicante


Best solution before loosing your teeth.

implantes Alicante

Oral implantology

Renew your smile!

Pediatric Dentistry

It is better to prevent! Revisions starting at 3 years age.


Metal brackets, aesthetics and transparent aligners. The best methods!

Prothesic Dentistry

We build your smile with the most precise techniques. "CAD CAM" System.


Professionals with more than 25 years experience put the best techniques at your fingertips.


We help you maintain the pillars of your oral health.

blanqueamiento dental alicante

Dental Aesthetics

Whitening, Veneers, Crowns, aesthetic inlays and prostheses.

Deep Sedation by anesthesia

Treatments without pain or anxiety

Especially recommended in treatments for patients with fear or phobia to the dentist


General health is linked to oral health, since many health problems have their origin in the mouth or nose. For this reason, we perform:

  • Causes analysis, prevention and specialized treatments.
  • We incorporate innovative materials applying the latest studies.
  • We use laser technology for biostimulation and cell regeneration.

Because health is a state of complete harmony of the body, mind and spirit.

Other treatments

Facial Aesthetics

Innovative and non-invasive Antiage methods, with surprising results.

Dental Stem Cells

Your future is in your hands. Store stem cells for more than 25 years

Sleep apnea

Do you sleep badly because you snore? Does your partner complain as he can't sleep by your side?

Our clients' reviews
Average valoration 4,4
Personalized treatment, totally professional, attentive and adapted to each patient. Lived in the first person and with my children. Thorough orthodontic monitoring. Attentive, friendly and welcoming professional team! Congratulations on this newly renovated one that gives the clinic even more light and life! Thank you for everything and there you will see me soon. A hug. Maria Jesus
Maria Jesus Lamuela Ramos
One week ago
Very good professionals. Silvia is very attentive and friendly, serving you in an honest and great way. What I liked most about the treatment was the teamwork, they gave me the facility to take the sessions followed with Silvia to fix my tooth, and with Daniel, the physiotherapist who treated my jaw pain for a long time. I wish there were more clinics this coordinated and that give so many facilities.
B. Martínez
9 months ago
Weekend emergency solved with excellent support, kindness and customer friendly. I would recommend this clinic to any one. Thank you so much!
J. Javier Perez
One year ago
All our reviews are real, You can read more on Google
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    More than 25 years of Experience and Innovation 

    Gran Vía Alicante Dental Clinic has a group of highly specialized and qualified dentists, who will attend to the different pathologies present in your mouth and will be concerned with the maintenance of your oral health.

    We work with the latest digital technology, which emits the minimum radiation

    We offer comprehensive dental care, serving all types of patients, from the youngest to the elderly. We perform a wide range of treatments.

    Dra. Silvia Di domenicantonio

    Expert odontologist with more than  25 years experience

    Dentist specialized in Periodontics, Prothesic Dentistry, Orthodontics, Endodontics and Oral implantolgy.

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